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Erica Marshall

Owner & Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator: Erica will do everything in her power to make your day perfect. She will assist in setup, decorating, food service, just about anything to help it go as smooth as possible. Meeting with couples 12 weeks out to get them going in the right direction, various phone meetings, and the decor and "final thoughts" meeting to help you feel calm and comfortable on your day. She will have a ceremony plan and a thorough timeline constructed the week of for you, your wedding party, and your vendors to stay on the same page. All you'll have to do the day of is relax, and take it all in.

Petting zoo director: As a USDA licensed facility, Ben takes great care and pride in the animals. He strives to make everyone's experience at Rocky Meadow, unforgettable. And no, this isn't just for the kids! If you have questions, he has has the answers from our fennec foxes, to our alpaca, to the African serval, he will make your experience great!

Erica Marshall
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