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Ashley Henry


Event Attendant: As one of our adult event attendants, she will keep an eye on food, guests, and the food service for your event. Not only will she make sure your food stays at the right temperature for safety purposes, but she will assure the food setup allows the smoothest food service for you and your guests, keeping everyone happy. She will oversee the other staff members who will bus tables, clean spills, and keep things tidy while you and your guests can focus on enjoying your time together. She will also disassemble the cake, cut it properly, and serve it to your guests. All of this work is done with great care and with you in mind.

Tour guide & petting zoo staff: Animals are a big part of many guest's Rocky Meadow experience, so it is only right that we have trained staff ready to help in this area. You will often find Ashley giving animal encounter tours, leading kids around on horseback at our petting zoo parties, or caring for the animals between events.

Ashley Henry
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